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Remedial Sports Massage
& Sports Therapy

Massage is a form of sports therapy designed to prevent or alleviate aches and pains caused either by sporting injuries or the strains of everyday physical activity.  Sports massage was originally developed for athletes with the aim of keeping the body in optimum condition.  This was achieved by preparing the soft tissue during training as well as helping to speed recovery after competition, or in the event of injury to support rehabilitation.  I offer all of these services through a comprehensive sports therapy assessment and treatment plan.  However contrary to what the name suggests sports massage is also proven to be of benefit to individuals who have sustained a wide range of non-sporting related injuries or suffering from chronic pain. The remedial sports massage service I offer is perfect for anyone experiencing this kind of issue or needs help alleviating the aches and pains which arise from the stresses of everyday life.

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Hi, I'm Stuart...

My Story

As a keen triathlete health and wellbeing has always been a passion but in 2018 I was lucky enough to be able to make it my job.  I enrolled on a sports massage course and within the first hour I knew this was where I was supposed to be and what I wanted to do.  My hobby became an obsession accompanied by a thirst for knowledge and a belief that I can make real changes. I love this and I hope it shows in the work I do. I hope to be able to make a positive impact to people's lives physically and mentally and that means everything to me. So if you’re in pain, suffering with niggles or want some help putting together a therapy enhanced training plan please get in touch and I’ll let you know how I can help. What have you got to lose?

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Hu1+ Sports Therapy

Freedom From Pain


Treatments Price List

I take the time to understand the root of your problem in order to provide the best and most effective treatment. I offer two key treatment services:

- Remedial Sports Massage

- Sports Therapy (Assessment and Treatment Plan)

Together we will discuss your goals and decide the best treatment plan for your needs.

Exercise Bands

Therapy Techniques

Treatment & Therapy forms an integral part of the approach to treating the whole body, not just a complaint in isolation. Using a range of techniques I strive to ensure patients’ long-term health and wellness. 

There is no one size fits all method to therapy treatment so whether your goal is performance improvement, injury rehabilitation or a solution to chronic pain I will vary the technique to work for you. 


Charity & Event Work

As an individual I'm committed to giving back to the community wherever I can. To that end I'm happy to support local charity events and there are several ways I can do this. 

I'm also able to attend sporting events to provide massage services pre and post event.

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Event First Aid

As a qualified practitioner I am able to support your event by providing on site first aid.

Click below to find out more about this service.


Where are we?

To give maximum flexibility to my patients I have treatment clinics available in several locations in the HU post code.

Current locations:

- East Hull Harriers Clubhouse (Saltshouse Road)

- Optimum 3 Personal Training Gym (Hull City Centre)

- Home Treatment Room (Sproatley)



"Stuart always makes me feel at ease.  He really listened and got to the bottom of my back problems. I wouldn't go anywhere else." - Laura

"magic hands" - Dave

I see it as my personal mission to make sure that all my patients feel listened to, respected and leave feeling better than when they arrived.  My reputation is not just crucial to my business but also to me on a personal level also.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Sports Massage?

Sports therapy is a treatment type made up of several techniques including massage.  It is a manual treatment involving manipulation of the soft tissue and mobilisation of joints which have become painful or tight as a result of overuse, medical complaints, accident or injury. Sports massage is also used before and after training or competition to prepare the body to perform to the best of its ability and help prevent injury, as well as helping to speed recovery allowing return to physical activity quickly and in peak condition.
More information on massage methods  can be found in the on 'Therapy Techniques' area of this website

I don't play sports, is it still for me?

Absolutely! Muscle and joint pain is not exclusive to athletes so while this therapy type was originally developed for sporting individuals it is commonly used to treat people who have sustained injury or are experiencing pain caused by everyday activities such as sitting at office desks, driving, poor posture or stress.  The most common complaints include back, shoulder and neck pain all of which can be eased or cured using remedial sports massage therapy. Other patients who benefit are those with medical complaints causing chronic pain which can be helped through a massage therapy rehabilitation plan.

How is it different from a regular massage?

People who have a sports massage usually do so with particular goals in mind.  These goals may be connected to a training plan designed to optimise their performance in competition, or with the aim of preventing, alleviating or curing muscle soreness, joint pain or any other soft tissue complaint.  Some people find sports massage relaxing and it has proven links with wellbeing but unlike a regular massage it has a purpose to target specific areas for a particular reason.

How often should I have a sports massage?

This all depends on the reason for your appointment and your individual goals.  At consultation we will discuss this and decide on the best treatment plan for you as there is no one size fits all.  However as a rough guide a weekly treatment will provide the best results.  Not everyone's budget will allow for this and so my pricing is set to make this more achievable, however if a weekly massage is not possible just keep as much consistency as possible, every 2-4 weeks if you can. For athletes with upcoming events I would recommend increasing the frequency of massages in the days leading up to and immediately after competition.

What can I expect during treatment?

At your first appointment you will be asked to fill in a patient consultation form outlining any medical conditions (if you have any underlying conditions prior to treatment - please consult your GP). You will likely undergo a postural assessment and some range of movement tests.  The massage will begin with some gentle movements allowing you and I to become accustomed to what pressure is comfortable and for me to determine any problem areas.  The massage technique used next will depend on what is best to treat your specific requirements but this will all be explained as we go along.

Does it hurt?

Sports massage should not hurt but you may find it a little uncomfortable or sensitive. If the reason for your appointment is down to a particular issue causing you pain already then manipulation of this area may naturally result in some discomfort.  If the sensation is too much you will naturally tense up and you will not get optimum benefit from your treatment therefore communication with me as we proceed through treatment is vital.  Everybody's pain threshold is different so I will check with you frequently and adjust the technique and pressure as required.  It is normal to have some slight sensitivity and even minor bruising in the days after a sports massage.

What should I wear?

The area to be treated should be as unrestricted as possible in order to see and feel the muscles so I can effect the best treatment.  Generally you should wear as little around the area to be treated as possible but appreciably this is not always appropriate.  Where clothing is worn please ensure you can easily pull it up or out of the way for treatment and I can observe the area and those muscles surrounding it.  Loose fitting clothes such as T shirts and running shorts are perfect. For ladies comfortable removing their t-shirt for upper body treatments a sports bra will provide adequate access.

Is there any reason I cannot have a massage?

At your consultation we will discuss your general health and fitness with a view to identifying any reason why it may not be safe for you to undergo sports massage.  However you should certainly not book a massage if you are experiencing fever, colds or flu as the stimulation of the circulation can spread the infection around the body.
Massage on recently damaged or acute soft tissue inflammation can cause further damage and prevent the healing process so this would need to be discussed.  Massage around the affected area can still be beneficial.
Individuals with high blood pressure, hernia, osteoporosis, varicose veins, fractures or cancer may be undertaken cautiously and with written consent from your GP.  I am unable to treat individuals with infectious diseases or skin diseases as there may be a risk of infecting other patients, DVT, recent surgery myositis ossificans or women in the first trimester of pregnancy.

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Clinic Hours

Flexible hours to suit you!

Monday 4.00pm- 7.00pm

Tuesday 5.00pm - 8.00pm (Optimum3)

Wednesday CLOSED

Thursday 4.00pm - 7.00pm (EHH Clubhouse)


Saturday 10am - 1.00pm


If you can't make an appointment during these times please get in touch to discuss alternative options.

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HU1+ Sports Therapy

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