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It is of vital importance to me that I am able to help every patient to the best of my ability.  I will take the time to listen and fully understand your injury history to determine the root of the problem.  If your purpose is focusing on longer term goals I will work with you to formulate a plan in order to provide the best and most effective treatment. I am personally driven and committed to helping you achieve your goals.  In addition to the massage treatment you receive I may also recommend and use some exercises/stretches to aid in your recovery or performance aims. 

Services available:

Remedial Massage, Sports Therapy (Assessment and Treatment Plan), Online Consultations with stretches and exercise demonstrations.

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Pricing & Booking



Initial Consultation


All Locations

1 hour appointment includes:

First consultation and treatment


Follow Up Appointment
Optimum 3 Personal Training Gym

1 hour appointment includes:

Consultation and treatment


Follow Up Appointment
East Hull Harriers Club House

1 hour appointment includes:

Consultation and treatment


Online Appointment

45 minute appointment includes:

Consultation and advice including demonstrations of exercises and stretches

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Remedial Sports Massage

As the name suggests remedial massage is intended as a remedy or cure. The overall aim is to treat a specific injury or cause of chronic pain. The pain or injury does not necessarily need to be sport related but might be related to postural problems, a medical issue or sustained as a result of an accident.
Therapeutic in nature remedial massage is perfect for anyone suffering general aches and pains, muscle soreness or with a specific area of pain requiring targeted relief.
Depending on the cause of the problem area one session may be enough to cure the issue, or it may be that a series of treatments is required to ensure the root of the problem is fully addressed to prevent the injury reoccurring. For patients suffering chronic pain receiving remedial massage on a regular basis can help prevent the pain from returning while treatment continues.

Sports Therapy (Assessment & Treatment Plan)

As you might expect sports massage is more directly (but not exclusively) tailored towards athletes or those involved in training or fitness on a regular basis.  If you engage in activity with repetitive movements and want to avoid injury or help improve recovery after events this type of massage plan is perfect for you.

For optimum performance I recommend massage treatment both before and after sporting events and regularly as part of your training regime. 

Pre Event Massage - prepares and relaxes the muscles by increasing the flow of blood allowing maximum range of motion.  This increases flexibility and will both improve performance and help prevent injury.

Post Event Massage - helps by flushing out waste product that builds up during activity such as lactic acid.  The stimulation of blood flow helps speed muscle recovery and decrease soreness and cramping.

Regular Training Plan Massage - frequent training and competition means the body is often working and being pushed to its limits, the strain of which can take its toll and result in injury and decreased performance. Regular massage keeps muscles healthy and in optimum condition, assists in your flexibility and has even been shown to improve your sleep! 

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